The GLO Good Foundation, founded by Dr. Jonathan B. Levine and Stacey Levine, and Twice, founded by Julian Levine and Cody Levine, have partnered with Lenny Kravitz’s Let Love Rule Foundation to bring a free dental and medical clinic to the community of Gregory Town, Eleuthera, each year. With only one dentist on the island, this community lacks access to much needed dental and medical care.

Since 2015, GLO Good and Let Love Rule, along with a team of over 75 passionate volunteers, have answered this need by operating a free dental and medical clinic in the heart of Gregory Town each year. During our most recent mission in December 2019, we treated 1200 adults and children over the span of a week and were able to provide the following services, amongst many others: 375 fillings, 450 extractions, 80 root canals, and 350 cleanings.

Oral health education is an important part of each clinic. We not only treat but teach important lifestyle habits to prevent dental disease from becoming life-threatening. We offer recreational programs and activities on dental and medical education, in addition to yoga, meditation, and nutrition education.

People are encouraged to donate to GLO Good to enable the Foundation to continue to bring oral health and medical care to underserved areas of the world.